Native American Church Ceremonial Artwork & Medicinal Traditions

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Kambo frog medicine. An Amazonian healing tradition that uses the ‘poison’ from the Kambo frog. Although the ‘poison’ is used by the frog as a defence, it can have healing effects if worked with in the right way. The frog secretes this ‘poison’ from its back and is then collected by the shaman. The ‘patient’ or the person participating in the ceremony is lightly burned with a hot stick either on the arm (men) or the leg (women) to provide an entrance into the body via the lymphatic system. The burns appear as small dots and the medicine is applied to these areas.

This tradition is used by tribal people in the Amazon to get rid of ‘panema’ or bad luck, to gain strength when hunting and as a medicine to protect against disease. It is not only for people that are sick, but can be used by anyone as it cleanses the body on a cellular level and clears the mind. This tradition is widely recognised and respected by South Americans and it has also recently caught the interest of westerners and big pharmaceutical companies who have seen its success.

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